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ACC or MP4 to MP3

Apr 18 at 4:13 AM
I have an extractor that I use to download videos from YouTube but I want to convert them into an MP3. I have made the work around to download the audio as an ACC file but I am following all of the docs and I am just not able to encode to mp3 without some type of error. The error usually has to do with unauthorized access but the code I created waits for the file to download, convert to a Wave File and then deleting the original ACC file. I am wondering what I may be able to do to jump straight to encoding the downloaded ACC file to mp3.

Thanks guys and gals.
Apr 21 at 9:19 PM
Edited Apr 21 at 9:22 PM
NAudio doesnt include an MP3 Encoder directly.

Your only option could be the "MediaFoundationEncoder" oder respectively ACM class, which use the mp3 codecs of your os for encoding when available.