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How to avaoid [deprecated] compiler warnings on IWavePlayer.Volume ?

Feb 8 at 3:29 AM
(First of it all, congrats to this project, not just the code, also the support for all the years i found)

Now, here is my question:
I create a simple audio chat application and want setup the end-audio-volume (on the headphones) for the user. This means setup the volume for the incoming mic wave data from the remote side(not changing the mic himself on the other side). I use Waveout and BufferedWaveProvider to get incoming buffers and make it hearable.

I failed to use the SampleChannel class(based on the examples), no effect here.
Now i use IWavePlayer.Volume but i got depricated warnings to use the volume on the WaveProvider. The problem is: I can not find any property to do that in the BufferedWaveProvider(IWaveProvider) i use.

Any advise whats the strategy now?