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Stereo file played through 2 channels

Jul 18, 2014 at 6:05 PM
First of all, Thanks to Mark and associated members of NAudio for making a wonderful library.
I am trying to play stereo wav file using Dante Virtual Soundcard ( and Dante Controller.
In order to play media to different channels, I am setting "ChannelOffset" in the 'ASIO Direct Playback' of NAudio Demo application. The issue is, it plays at two channel. So, if I specify 4 in the ChannelOffset, Dante Controller and Mixer shows channel 4 and 5 as active.
However, If I play a Mono wav file, only one channel is shown as active which is correct.
Also, If I play stereo file using 'Reaper'( application, it plays at one channel.

1- Is it the expected behaviour that a stereo file is played at two channel?
2- Is there a way in NAudio to play a stereo file to a single channel as in Reaper?

Thanks in advance!