Get number of channels for DirectSoundOut

When I use a WaveOut device, I get a nice property called Channels, which tell me the number of output channels. Presumably, I don't need such one for AsioOut, as they all are mono (right?). But Di...

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Range for PitchWheelChangeEvent.Pitch should be 0-16383

I think I found a small bug in NAudio.Midi.PitchWheelChangeEvent: The Pitch property accepts values up to (and including) 16384. If, however, I create the event with that maximum value, the bit...

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pause before play

implement in pause method if not is playing when pause needed to call play method and sleep thread for some milliseconds before pause in directsound

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Mp3FileReader ReadNextFrame supposed to increment position?

I believe in 1.7.3 on nuget, ReadNextFrame results in Position and CurrentTime increasing. After the below commit, this looks like it's no longer the case. Is that a bug?

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Unsupported Wave Format issues

I'm trying to mix IEEE signals with an app in exclusive mode, but on some devices it doesn't seem to play sound at all. Some details: Bitrates of 16 or 24 work equally well with any sample rate. ...

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StereoWaveformPainter winforms control

Hi, I made a new winform waveformpainter control, see file attached. Perhaps you want to include it Mark. Kind regards Freefall

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Audible Glitch when Clicking on Certain GUI Elements

There is an audible glitch when clicking on certain GUI elements such as the window title bar. The audio will momentarily pause. This issue can be easily reproduced with the Signal Generator demo....

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NAudio.SoundFont.InfoChunk exception

NAudio.SoundFont.InfoChunk throws an unnecesary exception if some of the information chunks are missing even though they're optional, makes it harder to load some of the SF2 files.

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Unable to open m4a/aac/wma files in Unity

I'm currently making a music game in Unity which requires me to load arbitrary music files at runtime. I've used NAudio successfully to support mp3s; however, m4a files (and anything else that uses...

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Midi In Octaves in NoteEvents

Any simple way to resolve the octave number returned by NoteName with what my Midi Controller says it's doing? My controller documentation says it's generating an E0 event, but NoteName returns an...

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