multiple wave normalization

hi, just want to ask is there any examples on peak normalization and average normalization for multiple waves thanks

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Playing Microsoft TTS with WASAPI

Hallo, I have a problem playing Microsoft Text to Speech with WASAPI. I basically get an error (Not a WAVE file - no RIFF header) when the WaveFileReader tries to read the audioStream. As you can...

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Bug in WaveFileReader if opening invalid RIFF file by filename

The WaveFileReader constructor that opens a file using a filename calls into the other constructor taking a stream. This other constructor calls a method to verify the RIFF header, but when this fa...

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access to microphone properties/enhancement programmatically

hi, can anyone tell me house to access the windows microphone properties/enhancements programmatically, can it be access through MIXERLINECONTROL thanks

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Audio path permanently lost to instance of an application

I am building a Windows Forms application that uses NAUDIO to record / play audio tracks. During testing on Windows 7 we disabled all input devices (mics) and tried to record some audio. There ...

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WASAPI interface implementation

Hi, I'm working on project which need to handle active/ deactive session states. Is there any plans to implement below interfaces? AudioSessionControl2 AudioSessionManager2 Thanks

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Not available for Windows Phone 8 projects?

Trying to create a universal Windows 8/WP8 app, but I can't add Naudio package to WP8.1 project. Is WP8 unsupported? Will it be supported anytime soon?

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Incorrect handling of wave riff pad byte

Hi, one of our customers sent to us a file (attached) which causes NAudio to crash (telling that no riff fmt chunk was found) we inspect the file and found it, but only after other riff chunks wi...

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UnspecifiedError calling waveOutOpen when using Channel Phantoming or Speaker Fill

When calling WaveOutEvent.Init() with a device that points to a speaker that has Speaker Fill or Channel Phantoming(Options in Microsoft's basic sound driver) and a sample rate that is exactly equa...

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PlaybackStopped event fires at start of playback with NullReferenceException [UPDATED]

UPDATE: I found the problem. In my Play() function, when playback is started, it causes a NullReferenceException which is sent in the PlaybackStopped event. However, the file continues playing fine...

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