StartRecording NAudio

I have problems with StartRecording(), error: BadDeviceId calling waveInOpen. My project is in .net and I am using NAudio dll. Can someone help me?

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I use NAudio WaveInEvent in a telecommunications software very simple. Sometimes, the class does not generate sound! Would anyone have a solution? here is my code: Imports NAudio.Wave ...

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WaveIn and BufferedWaveProvider !

Hi, I wrote a proxy that must manage a microphone (with WaveIn) and players Wav / PCM (with BufferedWaveProvider). Everything works fine and I can manage up to 7 wav streams simultaneously) exce...

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DirectSoundOut fails if WaveFormat is WaveFormatExtraData

If the WaveFormat of the wave provider used as the parameter for Init is of type WaveFormatExtraData The call within InitializeDirectSound to GCHandle.Alloc fails with an ArgumentException complai...

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Get number of channels for DirectSoundOut

When I use a WaveOut device, I get a nice property called Channels, which tell me the number of output channels. Presumably, I don't need such one for AsioOut, as they all are mono (right?). But Di...

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Range for PitchWheelChangeEvent.Pitch should be 0-16383

I think I found a small bug in NAudio.Midi.PitchWheelChangeEvent: The Pitch property accepts values up to (and including) 16384. If, however, I create the event with that maximum value, the bit...

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pause before play

implement in pause method if not is playing when pause needed to call play method and sleep thread for some milliseconds before pause in directsound

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Mp3FileReader ReadNextFrame supposed to increment position?

I believe in 1.7.3 on nuget, ReadNextFrame results in Position and CurrentTime increasing. After the below commit, this looks like it's no longer the case. Is that a bug?

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Unsupported Wave Format issues

I'm trying to mix IEEE signals with an app in exclusive mode, but on some devices it doesn't seem to play sound at all. Some details: Bitrates of 16 or 24 work equally well with any sample rate. ...

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StereoWaveformPainter winforms control

Hi, I made a new winform waveformpainter control, see file attached. Perhaps you want to include it Mark. Kind regards Freefall

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