Convert 6-channel .WAV file to .OGG issue.

I have some 6-channel .WAV files and used oggenc to convert it to ogg. After this conversion, the 6th channel was corrupted and not audible. I have tried SOX, FFMPEG, all got the same results. M...

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Change MaxProductNameLength from 32 to 64

It seems to bee NAudio.Wave.WaveInCapabilities.MaxProductNameLength = 32; is not long enough in some situations. If you want to display this to the user then it looks a bit strange. thanks fo...

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Mp3FileReader not in NAudio.Wave namespace

I'm trying to process an mp3 stream (from the microphone) in memory, without disk I/O, in a Windows Store app. I installed the NuGet package NAudio v1.8.0 but the Mp3FileReader class is not in the ...

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Please sign NAudio

I would really be happy, if NAudio was a signed DLL. It is used by many, and a signed DLL cannot use an unsigned one, so you're forcing people to not sign their DLLs, or to download the source code...

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IWavePlayer not CLS compliant

To use IWavePlayer in a unit test library, it is desirable for it to be marked with [CLSCompliant(true)].

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support for CD-Audio in AudioFileReader

Hello, I think it is impossible right now to read the samples of CD-Audio disc. I suggest to add the support for the AudioFileReader.

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Audiobook length > 24 hours Playing issue

If an audiobook (m4b) file is longer than 24 hours in length and the AudioFileReader.Position is set anywhere past the 24 hour mark, AudioFileReader.Play will produce the error: "Not a legal Ole...

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naudio doesn't support Logitech audio drivers?

I recently purchased a Logitech Gaming headset that works fine in all applications and games, except a game that is using the NAudio functions. At any point in the game where sound appears to be pr...

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Audiodg.exe crash

I wrote an app with Naudio (I use WaveIn and waveout). Sometimes, for some reason, Audiodg.exe crashes. Is there a relationship? Someone would have a solution?

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Create WAV stream in memory

I have a URL to MP4 audio file that I need to send to Speech-To-Text API. The API accepts only WAV stream. I am using NAudio 1.7.3 and the following code to download the file and to get the appropr...

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