NAudio.Wave.MediaFoundationEncoder.PerformEncode throws MF_E_SINK_NO_SAMPLES_PROCESSED (0xC00D4A44)

OS: Windows Server 2012R2 NAudio Version: ----------------------------------------- Exception ------------------------------- Exception: "An unhandled exception of type 'System.Runtime...

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WaveViewer and 24bit wavs

Maybe a stupid question but can the WaveViewer control display 24 bit wav files ? I am doing this: WaveViewer1.SamplesPerPixel = 400 Dim fr = New NAudio.Wave.WaveFileReader(filename) ...

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initiating 4 different waveout for 4 difference output device

hi, i got an issue on initiating 4 difference waveout for 4 different output devices. The initiation of the waveout failed on the 4th call. Here is the code Dictionary<int, WaveOut> _WaveOutCo...

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Longer ProductName

The WaveOut.GetCapabilities returns an object with device capabilities. The field ProductName is limited to 31 chars. It would be nice to have it longer. Let's say 100 chars.

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Header WAVE file problem

Hi, I am creating a PCM Wave file, but looking at it with the HEX file reader you can see something is wrong. 5249464626BE020057415645666D7420 1200000001000200007D000000F40100 040010000000646...

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Changes to channel count?

Got the following exception: An unhandled exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in NAudio.dll Additional information: Got a frame with channel mode Mono, in an MP3 with 2 ...

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Remove metadata from MP3 and WAV

Hi, I am using NAudio.dll for my project for converting MP3 files to WAV files and WAV files to given WAV format ( as per given BitsPerSample, Channel, and sample rate). Now i having another t...

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BufferedWaveProvider "Clear when Empty"

If i clear BufferedWaveProvider when its empty, i get an exception that it doesn't point to an object. This should be fixed, or rather, adjustable, as in some cases one could want to be certain t...

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Is there a plan for NAudio to support WP?

Hi, Is there a plan for NAudio to support WP? Cheers, LD

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WaveFormatConversionStream class attempting to reference a null pointer...

Greetings all, I am using 1.7 to play around with WaveOut Audio using the Event callback mechanism. Whenever I exit out of the demo while audio is playing Visual Studio is raising an unhandled e...

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