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Why NAudio?
NAudio was created because the Framework Class Library that shipped with .NET 1.0 had no support for playing audio. The System.Media namespace introduced in .NET 2.0 provided a small amount of support, and the MediaElement in WPF and Silverlight took that a bit further. The vision behind NAudio is to provide a comprehensive set of audio related classes allowing easy development of utilities that play or record audio, or manipulate audio files in some way.

Can I Use NAudio in my Project?
NAudio is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) which means that you can use it in whatever project you like including commercial projects. Of course we would love it if you share any bug-fixes or enhancements you made to the original NAudio project files.

Is .NET Performance Good Enough for Audio?
While .NET cannot compete with unmanaged languages for very low latency audio work, it still performs better than many people would expect. On a fairly modest PC, you can quite easily mix multiple WAV files together, including pass them through various effects and codecs, play back glitch free with a latency of around 100ms.

How do I...?

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