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NAudio 1.8

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Released: Dec 27, 2016
Updated: Dec 27, 2016 by markheath
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Release Notes

  • Windows 10 Universal project. Very similar feature set to the Win 8 one.
* Added a Windows 10 Universal demo app with limited functionality
  • Windows 10 related bugfixes
* WasapiOut fixed for Win 10
  • WaveFileWriterRT for Win 8/10 (thanks to kamenlitchev)
  • Improvements to Mp3FileReader seeking and position reporting (thanks to protyposis)
  • updated NAudio build process to use FAKE, retiring the old MSBuild and IronPython scripts
  • NAudio.Wma project is moved out into its own GitHub repository(
  • ConcatenatingSampleProvider and FollowedBy extension method making it easy to concatenate Sample Providers
  • MixingSampleProvider raises events as inputs are removed and allows access to list of inputs
  • Improvements to MIDI event classes including clone support (thanks to Joseph Musser)
  • SMBPitchShiftingSampleProvider (thanks to Freefall63)
  • StreamMediaFoundationReader to allow using MediaFoundation with streams
  • New Skip, ToMono, Take, ToStereo extension methods
  • New SilenceProvider class
  • OffsetSampleProvider fix for leadout following take
  • Various bugfixes and enhancements. See commit log for full details
* WasapiCapture buffer sizes can be specified
* MMDeviceEnumerator is disposable
* MidiMessage better error reporting
* More robust AIFF file handling
* Fixed threading issue on WasapiCaptureRT
* WasapiCaptureRT returns regular IEEE WaveFormat instead of WaveFormatExtensible
* RawSourceWaveStream allows you to read from part of input array
* RawSourceStream handles end of stream better
* PropVariant supports VT_BOOL
* Better handling of exceptions in WaveFileReader constructor
* WasapiOut default constructor (uses default device, shared mode)
* WasapiCapture and WasapiLoopbackCapture can report capture state
* BufferedWaveProvider can be configured to not fully read if no data is available
* WasapiOut can report the default mix format for shared mode
* AsioDriver and AsioDriver ext now public
* Fix for Xing header writing
* Fixed XING header creation bug
* Fixed MIDI to type 1 converter bug

Reviews for this release

I am working on my own little project that gets to the audio using the NAudio library. Just wanted to say "good work and thanks!".
by microp11 on Mar 7, 2017 at 1:54 PM
Finally some major improvements found its way into NAudio!
by Freefall on Dec 28, 2016 at 12:50 AM