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Using AsioDriver.cs and AsioDriverExt.cs

Mar 22 at 8:43 PM
Trying to figure out how both of these modules are used. Together?? Separately??
I've written a sample program using Rob Philpot's ASIO C++ code. But I need to get away
from the COM issues with Rob's implementation. I recently came across NAudio and it looks
promising. But having difficulties extracting from the Demo stuff how some of the library modules might go together for ASIO streaming. I'm OK with the network part having the working code from my previous effort with Rob Philpot's code embedded in my application. ANY HELPERS OUT THERE???????
Mar 23 at 4:05 PM
I figured out how use these two modules. I've progressed to the point of instantiating the driver successfully, and have created all the necessary hooks, with the exception of the callbacks. I'll start another thread about the use of the callbacks. Karin