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New Member and some questions

Mar 21 at 4:06 PM
Hello: I'm a new member to codeplex, and have a couple of questions about some strange (to me) text in the source code of a couple of the naudio modules. The first anomaly I see is on line 88 of ASIODriverExt.cs. public AsioDriver Driver => driver; I have Visual Studio Team System 2008, which was given to me. I can't afford to upgrade as I'm retired. When I try to compile I get error message about this line of code. There are other anomalies. Anyone care to walk me through a discussion about some of these anomalies? Regards, Karin
Mar 22 at 8:07 PM
That line is the short form for a property declaration, available in the newer VS versions
Mar 22 at 8:38 PM
Thank you for the response .Not quite sure if this discussion was still active. After a bit of tedious research I finally found out what you mentioned.
Related to C# version 6.0 and later versions of .NET. I only have VS2008 so am limited to .NET3.5. Retired and no money to purchase upgrades.
Thanks again. Karin
Mar 24 at 11:55 PM
KarinAnne Good News. Visual Studio 2017 Community edition is free. I've been using Community edition since 2015. Unless you are in a team environment, it has everything you should need. Go for it. :-)
Mar 26 at 10:48 PM
Thanks Theseus: I saw that availability. My XP machine has VS2008 on it and I don't want to get too confused with adding another version of VS to the XP machine. I loaded the community edition on my Win7 laptop just to play with it a bit but haven't transitioned over to it. I've got a massive hobby project on the XP machine with VS2008 and am used to its eccentricities. so for now I kind of answered my own question related to this thread. and am OK to go. Karin