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professional Audio and DSP software engineering jobs

Feb 18 at 3:31 PM

4 of the projects in this book was for professional software engineer jobs.
This book will go through different projects that will teach the reader how to write software: to improve their singing, synthesize different guitar sounds, change the human brainwave, break glass, help people to relax and learn about many different sound engineering and DSP tools : DFT, FFT, High pass filter, low pass filter, fundamental frequency, Karplus-strong algorithm. In this book they will learn about: Isochronic tones, Binaural beats, and Monaural beats and how to code them. Then they will be able to come up with their own beats. They will learn about sound waves and a lot more.
There are very few books / websites that show people how to code DSP tools. There are a lot that show the theory but not many that show the application, so I think this Book would be very useful for high school students, college students, and inter level employees.