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Multichannel ASIO Input Playback

Feb 4 at 4:51 PM
I have an Multichannel USB Audio Device. I try to playback Channel 9 & 10 (Stereo) on Windows 10. Recording with "asioOut.InitRecordAndPlayback" with "asioOut.InputChannelOffset = 8" is no Problem. But Playback only with Marshal.Copy to direct to the Output Buffer does not work. I think because "asioOut.InputChannelOffset = 8" only works for Recording. Is there a Solution / Workaround?

Feb 7 at 8:43 PM
I found out, that InputChannelOffset is also working for Playback. So that is not the Poblem of hearing no sound. I tried to AddSamples direct to a BufferedWaveProvider. Now I heard a Sound, but very distortet. I don't understand that, because recording and playback works without a Problem.