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A few newbie questions about audio playback

Jun 23, 2010 at 9:24 AM
Edited Jun 23, 2010 at 9:58 AM


Im currently working on a small app for a friend that needs to be able to play up to 2 ambient tracks together, with about 5-6 sound effects firing off randomly, in winforms.

Now ive done a small amount of audio work with XNA and DirectSound back when Direct2D was the norm, however i havent done much recently. I remember that there used to be a distinction between playing music and sounds, so you could only play a few music tracks (normally you would only need one) however you could play unlimited sounds. So lets say you have a game with an ambient water running music, and ambient wind music, then you had a random wolf howl or cracking twig sounds then finally any player or monster interactions would have sound effects, such as hitting sounds and moving sounds etc.

Now from what ive looked over with NAudio everything just seems to be music data, so be it a 3 minute ambient track i want repeated or a 2 second sound effect i want to play once then not play again for another 20 seconds, they seem to all load the same, which appears to be great but im a bit unsure as to the limitations of this, as im sure there is a maximum amount of channels available to play music on with a system.

Again i dont know too much in this area so am walking in the dark at the moment, am i able to do what i need to with NAudio? if so do i need to play things differently from the simple creating a waveout and playing it?